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From www.babswinn.com April 2002
By Jamey Garner


Hey, all you recording artists out there! Are you looking for a recording studio to track your next CD? I have found the coolest studio in town. It is located inconspicuously in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY.  Equipped with top of the line vintage and state of the art gear, a team of extremely talented and knowledgeable engineers and a vibe that is right on!

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of recording studios in the New York area. Among them are some of the best studios on the planet.

You can get lost looking for the right place. Let me save you some valuable time.

Last December I was asking friends for their opinions of different studios in town. Time after time I was being told about EXCELLO Recording Studios in Brooklyn and it's co-owner/operator and world-class musician, Hugh Pool. I figured I had better check it all out.

Man, did I strike gold! It is everything I wanted. The level of professionalism and knowledge on staff at Excello is outstanding and the equipment is out of this world.

Of course, great recordings are made by great musicians. But I believe the secret lies in the person turning the knobs, pushing the faders, setting up the mics and getting your sounds. These guys know what it is to make a great record. See for yourself! Check them out at www.excellorecording.com